Tennyson King - Katherine OutBack Blues Festival 2020

Tennyson King

The international touring act, Tennyson King, is rapidly gathering fans all over the world. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, this professional musician brings a jovial personality to the stage. He captures audiences – first with his reverberant, edgy sound and then with his humorous stories of life-on-the-road.  He often appears solo in great halls to small intimate theatres stunning the crowd with stories of adventure and travels while strumming electrifying guitar sounds paired with silky vocal lines.  Bring in the band on the big festival stage, they create a huge sound surely to get everyone moving.  Rock and roll infused with earthy roots and blues subtly laced in psychedelic ear candy.  

Having performed with such notable acts as Paul Dempsey, Paul Woseen, Yirrmal, Geoff Achison, Clare Bowditch, Bashar Murad, Basia Bulat, The Jerry Cans, Whitehorse, Sloan, Elliot Broode, The Jerry Cans, and Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tennyson is accustomed to bringing the ‘wow’ factor to stages around the globe

Playing hundreds of shows all across Australia over multiple tours, having great success with his tours across Hong Kong and Mainland China, and a host of sold-out shows on his tour to Brasil, this Canadian artist is growing in popularity, not only in his home country, but worldwide.  He has been invited to perform at festivals such as Shambala In Your Heart (Thailand), Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival (Australia), Beaches Jazz Festival (Canada) to name a few.

If you’re looking for the place where your soul can be wild and your heavy-heart assuaged, follow the sound of Tennyson’s crisp, round voice, as he plucks an electric chord and hammers out a beat on the kick-drum. Tennyson is a true alternative folk rock nomad.

“Be prepared to be swayed, educated, and moved by this artist who has highly original way of describing the world around him.” 

Nick Hanlon (Green Music Australia)

“Great arrangements and very thoughtful music.  There is a very straight ahead, forthright quality to his songwriting – which is lovely”

Laurie Brown (CBC Radio – The Signal)

“Tennyson King delivers gentle rolling rhythms, that also manage to feel crisp and sharp.  Is it the breath of fresh Toronto air that adds an edge? I’m not sure – but it’s definitely cool!”

Liz Trevaskis (ABC Radio)

“With an overall alternative-indie style, King sings tales about memories, love, nature and the journey that life takes us on, ranging from cheery tunes about the sweet call of the ocean to the humbling reflections on life choices. While primarily acoustic in sound, King is unafraid to weave poppy keys, deep guitars and sweet harmonies to present what comes out of the mix as a vibrant, earthy atmosphere embedded with sweet, homespun lyrics.”

Forte Mag

Website: https://tennysonking.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tennysonkingmusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tennysonking/

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