Michael Burrows - Katherine OutBack Blues Festival 2020

Michael Burrows

Michael is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter. His music has been described as a fusion of folk, Americana and rock with hints of artists such as The Beatles, Wilco, Eagles and Ron Sexsmith. 

From intimate solo shows to full band performances, his songs are deceptively simple about complex things: love, family, home, and trust. Michael’s new single Please Don’t Cry (ft. Neil Finn) was recorded in NZ at Roundhead Studios as part of an experience offered by Medicine Mondiale. 

Neil chose two songs from a batch of demos and the final versions of these songs, especially Please Don’t Cry have a warm and personal feel that Michael is so excited to share. “When Neil sang harmonies on my song, I was ready to die right there in that NZ studio chair”

 In the past couple of years Michael had been co-writing with Grammy-award winning artist Frank Myers resulting in an EP recorded at Ocean Way studios in Nashville. 

The singles received rotations across commercial, independent and community stations. In January 2019, “Turn This Love Around” landed on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart for 5 weeks, reaching its peak at No. 24 and “Brightest Star,” which peaked on the same chart at No. 25. Both Billboard tracks have also received significant radio play within the US in 2019. Michael’s singles ‘ Turn This Love Around ‘and ‘ Brightest Star’ also made the official ballot for the Grammys 2019 . Michael is currently writing his sophomore offering.

“It’s no wonder Michael Burrows’ latest single Turn This Love Around is attracting a lot of social media attention and getting a heap of support at radio; it’s a strong melodic tune with a lyric that Ed Sheeran would be keen to have in his songbook.” 


“Overall, this is a hugely impressive debut release from an upcoming songwriter who has honed his craft to a high level and is clearly ready for the world stage.”


“If you love and appreciate great song craft and are not yet fully immersed in Michael Burrows new debut work, you should be. If you are familiar and fully acquainted with it but don’t absolutely love what he does, then there is something wrong with you.”


Website: www.michaelburrowsmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/michaelburrowsmusic/ 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/michaelburrowsmusic/ 

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