Lily and the Drum is a Blues, Roots, Rock & Soul duo featuring vocalist, guitarist Lily and John on percussion, harmonica & backing vocals.

Their live sound is rich and full and this guitar and drums duo are often mistaken for a band but there are no computers or backing tracks working in the background, just real music produced by musicians who care.

They have been described as “Honest, raw and energetic” and “A guitar and drum duo with an exciting rich melodic sound”.

Following the success of their debut album “Nobody Just Like Me” and then the following albums “Welcome Change” and “Buried in Blue” the duo has constantly toured throughout Australia.

Performing countless shows, including numerous Festivals and opening for high profile artists such as The Black Sorrows, Mental As Anything and Tex Perkins along with fantastic radio support for their music has netted the duo a strong following and solid reputation.

Their recorded performances, including their recent release “This Is Right Now”, have also captured the attention of the radio community resulting in all Four Albums making the Top 25 on the Australian Blues and Roots National Airplay Chart.

Recent Review of the Album “This Is Right Now”

The songs range from having a warm, soft and mellow sentiment to carrying an upbeat and catchy fast-paced mood; each with a boldly artistic ambience. The lyrics show maturity and help to carry the songs’ overall theme very effortlessly….

I especially love the melodic chemistry and raw energy that is abundant throughout the album. With excellent instrumentation, stellar vocals and mature song writing, this is an album for everybody…….

From the smooth, jazzy sensation of Higher And Higher to the bouncy dance-along vibrancy of The Rain Dance, Lily And The Drum show us that they can do no wrong. This is a great listen and I look forward to new material from the band in the future. A fan of rock, blues, roots or country? Then be sure to check out “This Is Right Now”, and treat yourself to catching Lily and the Drum live.

Paul McGowan “The Clothesline” Music Magazine



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