Brendan Gray - Katherine OutBack Blues Festival 2020

Brendan Gray

Brendan Gray is a singer songwriter who performs piano and guitar. He has been playing either solo or in bands since a teenager with his main acts currently being Gold Gull (an eclectic folk rock 4-piece) that he formed in the early 2000’s, and Ill Gotten Booty (dark bluesy folk) whom he joined in 2015 .

Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Brendan has gigged extensively in the pub and bar scene throughout the inner northern music hubs of Fitzroy, Brunsick, Northcote and Collingwood, as well as further afield in regional Victoria and NSW.

Brendan recently spent five years living in a van whilst working and performing in Melbourne and found this living arrangement just as conducive to creativity and output.

Gold Gull has released three albums and one EP. Fellow founding member and bass player, Ashley Jones, is prominent in all of these alongside the several drummers and lead guitarists that have been members over the years. Their third LP, The Opal Aquifer, recorded 2016, was released last October.

Brendan also performs frequently in Gold Gull Duo with Ashley (trading bass for violin), giving a more intimate, stripped back feel to the repertoire.

Albums and recordings can be found on the Bandcamp website under Gold Gull and Gold Gull Duo.


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